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  • “Shape Shifters” was nominated as Best Independent Sync of the Year at AIM SYNC Awards 2021
  • Best Artist in the Diaspora at the prestigious Raaya Musique Awards 2021
  • Outstanding Contribution to the Community  by OneDanceUK Black History Month Awards 2022
  • MOBO Grant by Help Musicians 2023

Batch Gueye sings the traditional music of the Senegalese Baye Fall with a soulful voice, magically bringing the heart of West-Africa to you.

In November 2012, Batch’s song M’Beugel won the World Music Network’s Battle of the Bands competition with a landslide public vote. After an EP and a debut album, Ndirarigne, Batch released his much longed after second album. The album (2017)  is called Xamle meaning Storyteller in his native Wolof language and shares the history that was passed from Batch’s elders, from generation to generation. Batch Gueye’s forth album (2019) Moytou blends together traditional Griot and Mandinka stories and rhythms from West Africa. Do you hear me? (2020) represents Batch’s venture to explore a new and emerging music genre of afrobeat and afrodance. In this New Land is the product of a seemless and magical meeting of minds. Producer and guitarist Algy Behrens weaved together the colours and textures of flamenco guitar, AfroCuban, Latin and West African rhythms to compliment Batch’s warm powerful voice. Enjoy the magic!


Vocal chanting / Dancing / Drumming

Apart from being a talented musician, Batch is a prize winning dancer and a vocal chanting master. Book Batch for group workshops in traditional West-African dancing, vocal chanting and drumming. Dance performances for special events with Batch’s Dance Group Sabar Family can also be booked. Follow the link below for contact information.

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• A Journey from West Africa through the Wider African Diaspora
• Five Intensive Workshops in Dance, Music, Folklore, and Storytelling leading up to SABAR FAMILY FESTIVAL in December

In This New Land

Latest album from Batch Gueye. 2020.
In this New Land talks about the experience of leaving your home to come to live in a new land with a new culture, a new language, new faces. To work hard to provide for your family back at home and wish them a better life. An important song in the album is “When I left home” and Batch’s message says “ when I left my homeland, I took a piece of you. I made the sacrifice. I always held you there. By coming north, I want to keep you safe, but its so hard. I held you close, so far from home, I always felt you there. By coming here, I made a sacrifice in this new land.”

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Do You Hear Me?

Latest album from Batch Gueye. 2020. Batch Gueye’s first afrobeat album.

Do you hear me asks you “Did you learn anything or take something from my songs since 2010?” Since Batch was 7 years old, if he wanted his grandmother to tell him a history, he had to fight with other children to buy her bitta cola just to hear her history. The history she was telling the children is the one Batch is telling you in this album “Do you hear me?” and connected to all his previous albums. So tell me, do you hear me? If you here me, be there for me and I will be there for you.

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Moytou means “be careful”. Be careful with who you chose to have around you. 

Be careful with what you will do and regret the next day. Be careful to do something that your family or friends will hear about and will be disappointed by you. The album asks the important question: “why can you not see me like your brother or your sister? If you see me in this way, we will never fight against each other. I am writing this message to you to understand that you should keep others like you hold yourself. If you wish good for yourself, wish good for others. Life will be so easy for you and the people around you”.

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Xamle means “The Storyteller”. 

This album is all about the history that Batch used to hear as a child from his elders, passed on from generation to generation. He talks about what is needed to be a man and to be a woman, about the quality of people who care for you, about the wrestling tradition in Senegal, about loyalty to the one you love and about immigration. Batch delivers and questions deeper societal messages. An important song is “Poor”, a song in which Batch invites you to consider who is poor?: the one who does not have a lot of wealth or the one who has it but does not help others?

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Debut album including the public favourite’s My Love, Bamba and Sikare Bayfall.

Ndiaringe means “something useful”. If you really know what I am talking about, you will find something useful for you. Each song in this album has a lesson. Music is about education and healing and that is what I wish to gift to you. Let me whisper to you, let me tell you, let me lend you, let me teach you what I know.

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Batch Gueye Band

4 track EP including the prize winning song M’Beugel. .

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The song “Thioung” is from Batch Gueye’s new album “Do You Hear Me?” Click and listen below. Lyrics available on Youtube.


The song “You Cannot Have It All” is from Batch Gueye’s new album “Do You Hear Me?” Click and listen below. Lyrics available on Youtube.


The song “Poor” is the opening track of Batch Gueye’s album “Xamle” (The Storyteller). Click and listen below. Lyrics available on Youtube.

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