Sabar Family Dance

Batch Gueye

sabar family DRUM AND DANCE HOLIDAY 2025

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JAN 06 – 24, 2025

SABAR FAMILY and BATCH GUEYE invite you to the 10th edition of the Sabar Family Drum & Dance Holiday in Senegal, West Africa, 2025.
Immerse yourself in Senegalese culture – beautiful music, dance, song and rhythms, beaches, markets and delicious traditional cuisine with amazing company! The perfect West African cultural expedition for a solo traveller, friends, couples and families.
Offering 2 weeks Drum and Dance (Sabar) training in Dakar, and 1 week cultural- historical immersion (BayeFall drumming & singing) with Batch Gueye’s Griot family in the village of Diourbel.
Immersive cultural training holiday
· 1, 2 or 3 weeks package. 15-25h training/week.
· 3-5 hours training/ day (Mon-Fri) in Dance, Drumming, Singing.
· More than 10 dance teachers – male and female and 1-to-1 tuition
· Tanneber performance in the streets where Sabar was born
· Private/shared accommodation incl. breakfast & dinner
Price & Packages
Participants will come from across the globe, from vastly different local economic realities. We are offering two scales for program tuition, with the intention to balance participant access and program sustainability.
We offer different prices for participants coming from :
GLOBAL NORTH (Europe, North America, Australia and some countries in East Asia: greater access to wealth/resources in the global context)
GLOBAL SOUTH (Latin America, Asia, Africa, and Oceania: lower access to wealth/resources in the global context).
We are aware that there are always exceptions and challenges to these categories/frameworks.
Dancing OR Drumming
(Below are the prices if you decide to focus on Sabar drum classes only (10-12/ Mon-Fri) OR Sabar dance classes only (4.30-7.30pm / Mon-Fri).
ONE WEEK – £550 (Early Bird: £500)
TWO WEEKS – £900 (Early Bird: £850)
THREE WEEKS – £1150 (Early Bird: £1100)
ONE WEEK – £350 (Early Bird: £300)
TWO WEEKS – £700 (Early Bird: £650)
THREE WEEKS – £900 (Early Bird: £850)
Dancing AND Drumming
(Below are the prices if you decide to do both Sabar drumming & dance classes (Mon-Fri). Recommended to link musicality with movement.
ONE WEEK – £680 (Early Bird: £650)
TWO WEEKS – £980 (Early Bird: £950)
THREE WEEKS – £1200 (Early Bird: £1150)
ONE WEEK – £480 (Early Bird: £450)
TWO WEEKS – £780 (Early Bird: £750)
THREE WEEKS – £1180 (Early Bird: £1150)
Applicable when you pay deposit before 1st September 2024. Non-refundable deposit in the ticket required to secure your place £250. This deposit will be part of the total amount due to be paid.

Not included in package:
· Flights, travel insurance, visa, vaccinations
· Transport to & from Blaise Diagne airport 
· Lunch, drinks & excursions
· Tanneber/ Performance costumes

sabar family workshop series & festival

  • We are back and BIGGER than ever! SABAR FAMILY are so excited to announce this AMAZING and UNIQUE opportunity across BRISTOL and LONDON.

  • A Journey from West Africa through the Wider African Diaspora
  • Five Intensive Workshops in Dance, Music, Folklore, and Storytelling leading up to SABAR FAMILY FESTIVAL in December 
  • Over 25 artists from Africa and the wider diaspora, including Senegal, Guinea, Ghana, Nigeria and Brasil
  • Explore our Dance workshops and live performances in Sabar (traditional Senegalese), Djembe, Afro-Brazilian, Afro-Fusion, AfriCaribbean Contemporary, and Afrobeats.
  • FREE mentorship for Black youth (age 14-21) 
  • Opportunity for students to perform alongside World-renowned International Guest Teachers in SABAR FAMILY FESTIVAL in December
  • Ideal for any and all people interested in Dance, Movement, Music, Singing & World Music- the perfect opportunity for performers and creatives to expand their repertoires, gain valuable performing experience and diversify their performing arts education

Sabar Family Logo Print

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bristol Dance Classes


7.00-8.00 PM Sabar Drumming (Open Level)
8.00-9.30 PM Sabar Dance (Open Level)

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8.00-9.30 PM Sabar Dance (Int/Adv)
with Live Drums

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Online Dance Classes

Can’t make it to London or Bristol? No problem!  Join Batch online via Zoom for your dance fix!

Make your zoom account here

Classes are £10. Please book and make your payment in advance to receive your invite link to the class.